We consider the first coins from the voting list twice a month with at least 5,000 votes. Voting conditions:
  • Due to frequent fake votes, we have launched additional checking for free votes. One user have 5 free votes per month, only if the balance of his account have been deposited at least once and have trade tx`s. Multi-accounts creating is prohibited by terms of exchange.
  • Please note that the user can purchase an unlimited number of votes for Points (Points can be obtained by participating in our Loyalty Program or purchased from participants of the loyalty program on the exchange page at the POINT/BTC pair). Premium votes by points HERE .
Coin symbolCoin nameTotal coinsVotes by pointsFree VotesTotal votes
   CRADCryptoads marketplace100000000
   BRBitcoin Real10000000000
   CYBGCYBERGAME 3000000000
   GFNGame Fanz80000000000
   ABCAnti Bureaucracy Coin200000000
   HETHavEther Token1000000
   EBYTEeByte Token4700000
   IVCInvoice Coin180000000
   BLEBitcoin LE21000000
   ARAWARAW token4665366360
   MILLMillennium Club42000000
   CDASHCrypto Dash25000000000
   LEVTLevyte Token2222222222
P.S. We are trying to integrate all coins won in accordance to your votes but for reasons not depending on us, there could be rare exceptions: for example, the coin missing API documentation, synchronization problems etc.
Please be honest while voting. Do not attempt to cheat the votes. If we will detect violation of rules we will delete coin from voting.
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