Trade fee - 0.25%
  • Instant withdrawals limits:
    • for unverified users - 0.5 BTC in equivalent per 24h
    • for verified users - 5 BTC in equivalent per 24h
FullnameWITHDRAWAL FEEMin DepositMin Withdraw
FinShi Capital Tokens (FINS)150015003000
Beefy (BEEFY)200020004000
Top Game Sters (TGS)250002500050000
XinFin Network (XDC)300300600
Cryptonetix (CIX)200020004000
Bonpay Token (BON)100000100000200000
RobomedToken (RBM)555000
Kayicoin (ERC20 token) (KAYI)7000007000001400000
Playkey Token (PKT)170020004000
Ccore Token (CCO)200020004000
We Bet Crypto (WBA)1005002000
EagleCoin (EAGLE)100001000020000
B2B (B2B)150150300
Paycentos Token (PYN)125001250025000
EventChain (EVC)7500750015000
LockChain (LOC)1.625
Insolar (INS)5005001000
Litecoin Cash (LCC)0.0013535
The Real Coin (TRCN)300030005000
Bela (BELA)250002500050000
BTCMoon (BTCM)8000800016000
Payeer USD (PR USD)1.512
iDice (ICE)101015
EOS (EOS)0.10.0010.2
Polybius (PLBT)151530
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