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nireyone : Wow
nireyone : wallet is awesome
nireyone : thank you mercatox
ngocuyen16894 : fdfdfd
wp75435 : whynopocked
endruchow3 : iam sell cars to buy xrb :)
dartkinselok :
User @giangthaotc1992 banned in chatroom by dartkinselok til Jun 26, 2017, 5:24:22 PM
dartkinselok : Only English in chat.
endruchow3 : dump guys
dartkinselok :
Good news! Now you allowed to change your nickname at the right top of chatbox. Be attended! You allowed to change your nickname only once!
Alduesonico3 : How to sell my xrb?
Alduesonico3 : Hey
mrrius : wow
mrrius : show off?
moh.pro11 : up up
moh.pro11 : soon
chucknorris13 : what are benefits of XRB over IOTA?
btcfldgold : Good
btcfldgold : Mercatox okey
yudiana.rahmawan : @dartkinselok, deosite me 160xrb not in wallet?
jafrans123456 : why my reward in XRB Faucet still 0 guys?
yudiana.rahmawan : admin?
huynhlamid : What's wrong with 93 XRB ?
andydang1994 : say good bye to it , the minimum is 100XRB my friend
luongco321 : Muốn mang mrai lên sàn bán làm như thế nào vậy m.n
luongco321 : I want to bring XRB to the trading floor how
yudiana.rahmawan : me deposite 160xrb not in wallet
huynhlamid : @luongco321, deposite vào :)
totentu97 : @luongco321, bác biết chưa dạy e
huynhlamid : @dartkinselok, i have sent the wrong 92 xrb, where will it go? If I send another 100xrb, is there a 192xrb wallet?
tajislamnarod : Hi everybody
Named153 : Hello
yudiana.rahmawan : Hard to contact admin???????
mrrius : @yudiana.rahmawan, sometimes
admin : @huynhlamid, no. 92 xrb will be always not pocketed. our node and payment service not configurated for txs less 100 xrb.
bobiecayao2015 : i have 200 xrb
viec365 : how long will it take for the deposit to appear?
yudiana.rahmawan : @admin, i've done depoosite 2 times to the wallet worth 160xrb but one deposite not yet entered. Please check back the address xrb_1j67pozutmpn6yt63dtad7r4ogkfezp6yfyesbpsa3yi9i89wmg7didgoxgj...thank
yudiana.rahmawan : @admin, i'm send to ticket support.please cek
muhammadmohsin2012 : hello
muhammadmohsin2012 : i have 96 xrb, kindly tell what will be 96xrb = ___Mrai
phanvkhai2531982 : admin deposit for me xrb_1uk34hhb97e81itydgisn76bjuzmexcsc6kdmxqhmrrpfsig8ewq954o9epu thank you
kurtauli3008 : here is always deposit withdraw problem what happand admin?
admin : @phanvkhai2531982, sometimes delays if xrb node overloaded
johnjeffreybaclay187 : admin instant deposit xrb here?
admin : @kurtauli3008, There are no problems. only xrb depo/wd can delays if xrb node overloaded. It works so. It not depends on us
admin : @johnjeffreybaclay187, 10-15 minutes if xrb node in normal mode. can for few hours delays if xrb node overloaded
yudiana.rahmawan : @admin, please cek deposite xrb_1j67pozutmpn6yt63dtad7r4ogkfezp6yfyesbpsa3yi9i89wmg7didgoxgj
yudiana.rahmawan : @admin, 24 hours have not entered the wallet Please check..thank you
hongthole99 : xrb_33sefjagapcw3xrmoqmf5mrbcesq71snsn893jak9jk9f1w4j18hxeh5kwfw send my 100mrail tks you
Gen_yba : There is no ďisplay in xrb/btc trade.. why?
yudiana.rahmawan : thank you admin deposite lending to wallet
mrrius : admin, why the page keep logging out by itself
admin : @Gen_yba, everything ok. may be your browser cache. enter CTRL+F5
admin : @mrrius, please specify info
mrrius : @admin, if i leave this site about 1 mins, it will auto log out.. why is this happening?
admin : @mrrius, No one complained about this problem. session may depend on the browser or cloudflare ...We don't have user session settings
mrrius : if i use my cellphone to log in into mercatox, it will directly log out again :( dont know whats wrong... and if use pc, it just take about 1 mins before auto log out
admin : @mrrius, try to login with other browser
mrrius : okay admin thanks
karthikvkr : @Admin.. I have transfered 200xrb from bitgrail to mercaa xrb wallet on 3 days before but still not transfer. Kindly response plz
admin : @karthikvkr, check if your transfer to Mercatox wallet in your Mercatox account. Button "Deposit"
Rorschach : admin, what's my withdrawal limit?
Rorschach : @admin,
htony3546 : buenas hice un deposito ya hace mediahora de 200 xrb y nada que llega
htony3546 : un deposito desde telegram
htony3546 : necesito respuesta por favor
htony3546 : @admin hice un deposti no ah llegado gracias
yusuf.mas32 : mercatox is good exchange but still low support, hope admin weill add 1 staff again XD
hrsagar : what is MERCA platform stake in % ?
hrsagar : @admin, what is MERCA platform stake in % ?
taufikjrc : here 9C1ADA4D1CC209D21A539594CBAC1E42
taufikjrc : can you check my transaction withdraw?,status withdraws is paying, but i haven't get bitcoin in my wallet, how long to procces it?
htony3546 : @admin, por favor necesito respues envie 200 xrb y no ah llegado a mi wallet
Astro3 : How long does it take to trade coins? Its been a couple days for me?
genyerbet.villegas : buenas envie 488 xrb y aun no me llegan, ya me salen embolsados en el id de bitgrail 6380798CF403E623B1B9A447388E7854BB9A07D4C4EFE846965154B542D9291C
viec365 : loading ?
MaricrisAba : XRB moving up again nice
genyerbet.villegas : admin que le ha pasado a mi deposito aun nada de nada que me llega xrb_1n7ad8qq84rirfgd3erq8ciukpuo19wpukjcnb7nbaaj5d8gpbmzc5wruxxe
vignesh.veerabhadaran : i hve sent some xrb to mercatox but still i didnt recive
vignesh.veerabhadaran : hi friends i have sent xrb from mr raiblock wallet to mercatox account yesterday but still i didnt received in my mercotex wallet pls help me to solve the problem
Btv778 : Xrb will go down
Btv778 : Xrb will go down to below 1400
BuyXRBslowly-shhh : HAHAH.. great. XRB hit bottom. It will start going up now.
BuyXRBslowly-shhh : remember. when you buy XRB, buy slow. If you buy fast, and a lot, the price will jump up.
BuyXRBslowly-shhh : XRB will go up now.
dedeaji888 : how long witdraw btc from mercatox? status still processing with circle..
peridotgreen : @admin what's taking the btc withdrawal too long, its been 5 hrs since i confirmed my withdrawal but its still processing
peridotgreen : Can you check this transaction ID69cf369f6eac43dff95d761c41df302b
peridotgreen : Transaction ID 69cf369f6eac43dff95d761c41df302b
BuyXRBslowly-shhh : @dedeaji888, takes a few hours. Remember... withdrawal is from cold wallet. So it must be manually approved.
BuyXRBslowly-shhh : EVERYBODY... withdrawals are from cold storage. So they are manually approved. Takes a few hours. And there's a soft limit of 1BTC
peridotgreen : I withdraw a lot of time and it only took 5-10 mins to be payed, this is the first time it took 5hrs and counting to processed
dedeaji888 : yesterday i witdraw from here in several minute, i think its problem from my mistakes about fee,, so thanks for answer sir
mrrius : buy up the sell orders, so all traders will move back to merca :)
rdslcs0510 : me too
rdslcs0510 : i have sent some btc to mercatox but still i didnt recive
Royswran : deposit is too slow admin plz help
Royswran : igo it now tnx
admin : @peridotgreen, your wd was completed.
admin : @rdslcs0510, your btc deposit will be automatically credited to the account after 1st confirmation from blockchain
Astro3 : @admin Hello I bought some cloak on the 19th. It is still not in my wallet... How long does this process take?
peridotgreen : @admin my withdrawal is still not confirmed at the blockchain
kickassuser : newbie here
kickassuser : how to transfer my xrb in this site?
kickassuser : my xrb is from raiwalletbot
peridotgreen : @kickassuser go to ewallet, click deposit in line with xrb, copy the address then go back to raiwalletbot, send your xrb to the a dress you copied, it should be 100xrb and up
kickassuser : tnx bro i will try
kickassuser : @peridotgreen tnx bro it works... but how many hours till it get in to my e wallet?
admin : @Astro3, you have not bought. Your order is still active
admin : @peridotgreen, blockchain confirmations not depends on us
kickassuser : @admin how many hours till it get deposit xrb in my ewallet?
admin : @kickassuser, xrb deposit from 5 to 30 minutes. but it can take for few hours if xrb node overloaded
viec365 : me only 5'
kickassuser : @admin i send 101.281328 xrb it is still count? or it will loss T_?
admin : @kickassuser, everything good if your transaction more then 100 xrb
kickassuser : @admin tnx admin i hope i will receive it :)
kickassuser : @admin i got it admn tnx :D
kickassuser : guys usualy how many days until my xrb purchase? sorry for my bad eng;ish
htony3546 : @admin, buenos dias porque el prrecio dux estan bajo para comprar?
nhobui1800 : amen xbr 0.00007000
resie_joy26 : Anyone want to buy my xrb?
resie_joy26 : How to sell xrb here?
Royswran : 0.00007500
Royswran : nice
genyerbet.villegas : @admin retire unos xrb y aun no me lo han ni embolsado ya hace casi 3 horas el id es 47D298AEFF90E87E98C86A72A3DFE9C6
genyerbet.villegas : Esta pagina esta muy lenta para depositos y retiros :/
namakupongo : My doge is loose...hahahahaa...admin can you explain ?
namakupongo : i mean mey doge on my wallet
wisnuardiansah11 : buy XRB
12raimon : esta disponible el sistema de prestamos ?
12raimon : compras XRB wisnuardiansah11 ?
12raimon : you buy or you sell ?
wisnuardiansah11 : BUY
wisnuardiansah11 : My prediction xrb will go up
12raimon : i can sell you 25
12raimon : are you interested ???
12raimon : with price ?
12raimon : wich price u offer ?
12raimon : i think will go to 0.50 usd in less than 20 days
12raimon : look market you can buy it for a bit ... 0.00003999
12raimon : or 0.00004
wisnuardiansah11 : The price is still high for me
BuyXRBslowly-shhh : XRB will go down a lot first... THEN it will go up. Red line to about 2100. Then bounce up. No major improvements right now.
BuyXRBslowly-shhh : @wisnuardiansah11, compared to coin prices on Bittrex or Poloniex... XRB is 10 times more expensive!
wisnuardiansah11 : Yes, I know
wisnuardiansah11 : I hope the price can be even cheaper
ngocanh5109978 : Bitgrail 4100
Royswran : Gain xrb price
BuyXRBslowly-shhh : @Royswran, XRB will go down until the developer does something new. You can sell now and buy back when it's lower.
MaricrisAba : @BuyXRBslowly-shhh, thats assuming it will go down and you will be able to buy the dip.
MaricrisAba : most likely outcome is you will miss the train
wisnuardiansah11 : Estimate when the selling price increases lg gan
wisnuardiansah11 : Estimate when the selling price rises again gan
MaricrisAba : its happening now LOL
MaricrisAba : get ready for 10k-20k sat guys
MaricrisAba : those who dumped will regret
wisnuardiansah11 : Really gan i get 15k
MaricrisAba : XRB community is experiencing FOMO now. imagine its not yet on a major exchange
MaricrisAba : i will HODL what little i have. its not worth it to sell when it has potential to moon
nugs_of_dank : XRB is done, too many bugs in code causing sync issues. Bittrex has all but given up waiting on dev to fix it. check slack & twitter for evidence
MaricrisAba : @nugs_of_dank, looks like you want cheap XRB LOL. why are you even here?
nugs_of_dank : @MaricrisAba, nah, I sold out the other day when it was at 8k. Not even interested in buying back...on to the next one.
nugs_of_dank : The info is out there, it's up to you what to do with it
MaricrisAba : @nugs_of_dank, good for you. its just kinda curious why you are on trollbox when you say you are out of XRB
nugs_of_dank : why are you on here???
nugs_of_dank : didn't know hodling XRB was a prerequisite for trollbox use
nugs_of_dank : your shilling, so it could just as easily be said you are trying to dump your bags
MaricrisAba : LOL
MaricrisAba : nic try though
MaricrisAba : nice*
MaricrisAba : XRB will not go lower
genyerbet.villegas : What time does the administrator log in?
wisnuardiansah11 : We wait guys
nugs_of_dank : @MaricrisAba, trust me, I'm not here for XRB, it's another shitcoin that's super cheap. DYOR and you'll figure it out
MaricrisAba : @nugs_of_dank, LOL get over it. there wont be cheap XRB for you
gomezoluis : hola
peridotgreen : My bitcoin withdrawal is still unconfirmed at the blockchain! The blockchain is saying that they dont have a control over it, they said that it should be on the source where the withdrawal was made. mercatox also said they dont have control over it when its already at the blockchain, my receiving wallet's admin said that they also dont have control over it and they were just waiting for the blockchain confirmation. Everybody put the responsibility to one another. But hey! I was like.. Where's my money?
viec365 : fee per tx 0.0015 wd success 15'
cahayabiru123 : depo eth pending 1 day
cahayabiru123 : @admin please check
hainguyenlehang : The current value of rent will increase up
fadhilfarkhan1 : Ask Newbie... How to WD to transfer my bank account
viec365 : fee per tx 0.0015 wd success 15'
imjeiz23 : how many minutes before deposit here will be credited?
admin : @cahayabiru123, send tx id. there are no txs on your Mercatox ETH address
imjeiz23 : admin, i deposit 102 xrb, until now not credited
imjeiz23 : its ok now, ty
admin : @peridotgreen, blockchain confirmations not depends on us. It depends on fee you select. If you select low fee will be long time for confirmations. If you select big fee your tx will be fast include into block by miners.
lorezocatherine : hi can I ask how to change mrai to btc?
lorezocatherine : hello newbei here
admin : @lorezocatherine, select xrb/btc pair. Then place sell order (select price and amount you want sell)
peridotgreen : Hope xrb will increase tonight again
peridotgreen : Btw thanks @admin
peridotgreen : @admin how to invest at LENDING?
ragil_ariyanto : how long deposit in xrb or btc ?
cahayabiru123 : @admin Txid: 0x079d627fbdbe9a596f5bd284d228f325b81369dcd2dda8f5729fafd53be0fb63
mrrius : lets up the price here, so BG users will be move here
syfa_aisya : I have ordered it for a long time
syfa_aisya : ?????????
admin : @cahayabiru123, there are no transactions
admin : @peridotgreen, lending don't work yet. will be later
viec365 : @mrrius, why?
admin : @syfa_aisya, check your price
namakupongo : please xrb up
mrrius : up to 5k please
viec365 : waiting bittrex will add XRB & price up ^^!
geneviedelacruz25 : why xrb is going down??
viec365 : Because wait so long. When it is added it will come up again!
phanvkhai2531982 : @admin, deposit for me xrb_1uk34hhb97e81itydgisn76bjuzmexcsc6kdmxqhmrrpfsig8ewq954o9epu thank you
aemievera20 : Does the period of the receiving of btc on btc wallet is not in a short time or still long ?
radziv.nurkomar : xrb down
aemievera20 : Thank you for the one who will answer my question
i_make_you_smile : @aemievera20, depends on your fee.
i_make_you_smile : High fee = you will receive it fast.
i_make_you_smile : Low fee = receiving will take time.
aemievera20 : How much is the high fee ?
aemievera20 : And how much also the low fee ?
aemievera20 : How long is the low fee takes ? 2days or what ?
imjeiz23 : XRB is down price again :(
viec365 : @aemievera20, fee 0.0015 cf 15'
imjeiz23 : if low fee, how many days before we receive on our wallet?
dartkinselok :
Dear users! We are preparing for extremely important service works that will increase the speed of users' access to the service, reduce delays, allow us to eliminate the established limits for trading to make you able to freely use the trade bots, as well as protect the service from overloads, failures and slow work. We are going to connect several servers of increased performance in different parts of the world to provide instant access from anywhere in the world. Approximate time of work - from 30 minutes to 2 hours.
MaricrisAba : @dartkinselok, nice
mrrius : when will it be?
lotsofchunks : Thanks admin for the hard work !
dartkinselok :
User @propkbattu1 banned in chatroom by dartkinselok til Jun 23, 2017, 2:45:30 PM
dartkinselok :
Service enabled, you can continue trades.
i_make_you_smile : welcome back mercatox!
mdmizanurrahman788 : hello
imjeiz23 : After almost 2hours and 30minutes waiting, site is now online! But, XRB is still 0.00003531 hahaha
lthoa0781 : Sao mình chuyển XMB từ Telegram qua (Báo là GD thành công rồi) mà bên đây chưa thấy nhỉ?
mrrius : merca market are too quite
parkerdetweiler : Did all the cloak get bought?
hongyench : wait some minute
mrrius : will somebody put a wall at 4.2k? haha
petatl : buy sombody Cloak for 0.01 i cant
petatl : 0.021
petatl : for fun small amount
hrsagar : what is merca platform stake in % ??
jayskak24 : when XRB up to 7k again? xD
samrhian0621 : hello
MaricrisAba : @jayskak24, very soon
MaricrisAba : look at the buy walls 10+ btc
MaricrisAba : sell walls only 350k coins
lthoa0781 : Admin giúp tôi với! Tại sao tôi đã chuyển RMB từ Telegram qua đây (đã có hóa đơn chuyển) nhưng ví bên này lại không cộng ví RMB cho tôi?
lthoa0781 : Admin help me with! Why did I transfer the RMB from the Telegram here (already have the invoice transferred) but this wallet does not add up the RMB for me?
ricardobonanno.88 : how many minutes before deposit XRB here will be credited?
lthoa0781 : I have moved 4 hours ago.
peridotgreen : It only took 5mins for me
lthoa0781 : Admin help me! This bill has been transferred for 5 hours but my wallet has not been added RMB?Thank you!
mdmizanurrahman788 : hepl
mmmnu28707 : help me.. i send xrb to mercatox, but until now not yet received to my account.
mmmnu28707 : this transaction hash
phanvkhai2531982 : admin deposit for me xrb_1uk34hhb97e81itydgisn76bjuzmexcsc6kdmxqhmrrpfsig8ewq954o9epu thank you
bai5585 : ???
bai5585 : Why do not I get an exchange when I keep asking me to check my mail?
bai5585 : And why am I holding my coin?
bai5585 : Maintenance
mdmizanurrahman788 : 3 houre gone but don't my depojit acctive
mdmizanurrahman788 : plz ans admin
buison8x : FAUCET MAINTENANCE. haiz...
rdslcs0510 : @admin, My BTC has already been confirmed by the blockchain. But I will not be deposited in my wallet yet.
xmiguelxangelx : please help me not acredited
mdmizanurrahman788 : admin plz ans
lthoa0781 : Help me! Nearly one day I have not received. Remittance code: Https://
rdslcs0510 : admin plz ans
mdmizanurrahman788 : 6 houre gone but don't my depojit acctive
mdmizanurrahman788 : plz ans
admin : @xmiguelxangelx, will check
admin : next week will be new xrb payment service. all depo will be instant(2-10 minutes)
mdmizanurrahman788 : admin plz chak my account
mdmizanurrahman788 : admin plz check my account
admin : @mdmizanurrahman788, your issue is solved
mdmizanurrahman788 : thanks admin
Michaelscanlon123 : If I am putting a buy order in above the ask, should the transaction be instant
Michaelscanlon123 : cloak coin i am trying to purchase with BTC
admin : @Michaelscanlon123, trade system is automaticaly and instant. see the order book before order placed
Michaelscanlon123 : my order has been sitting all night
Michaelscanlon123 : my order has been waitng all night
admin : @Michaelscanlon123, check if your order has Competitive price
Michaelscanlon123 : yes it does 0.00322 BTC
Michaelscanlon123 : highest in the buy que
admin : check order book. sell and buy orders.
Michaelscanlon123 : then it is not instant, i am waiting for someone to sell
Michaelscanlon123 : is that what you mean
admin : nobody sell less then 0.023 Spread between sell and buy orders is big.
Michaelscanlon123 : that is a huge price, 10 times the price now. that is crazy
admin : you need to wait if somebody want to sell by your price
admin : @Michaelscanlon123, This is the market. everyone cant to select a price which wants)
rdslcs0510 : dmin plz chak my account:32FxsxEgRdtM8sfzEgVvBaZTt4FPMn16ad
lthoa0781 : Thank admin.
admin : @rdslcs0510, specify info please. are you have tx id?
rdslcs0510 : @admin I checked it now and it was reflected in my wallet.Thanks a lot.
minhcong112233 : i was deposit 93XRB , send back me please, that my mistake...pls..
jayskak24 : @minhcong112233, i belive u cant sleep for 2 days lol
minhcong112233 : @jayskak24, does it send to me??
wmurtadlo : @minhcong112233, your XRB loss, dont sent amount less than 100 XRB again
minhcong112233 : @wmurtadlo, thank my friend.
ftoolse : Spend, spend, your money on maintaining the course xrb! ???
orlandobarreto1998 :
12raimon : cryptopia hasnt XRB in his market,,
i_make_you_smile : @orlandobarreto1998, advertising websites is against chat rules. You will get banned for that
mrrius : market at here isn't moving at all =.=
janreuel_baral : 4051 is the last price haha
MaricrisAba : why is market not moving?
jo : What are the fees for trading, deposits and withdrawel?
namakupongo : Stagnan market...what hapen's?
Btv778 : Hello again I need 1k xrb at 0.000037
Btv778 : Any one want to sell
Btv778 : Anyone interested in selling their xrb
Cantor.angelica2015 : How much per xrb
lethanhhung.tic : I sent Confirm you want to send 93.12 XRB (Mrai) to xrb_3psnam59rp3531hgtjxon3agksgsz5r937bowmn3jtqi87cspqk3nhunhimg It will cost you 94.12 XRB (Mrai) with fees And not received. Please help me thank you
Btv778 : @Cantor.angelica2015, 3700
Btv778 : Are you interested pm me on
Btv778 : Any want autoclicker for xrb faucet
peridotgreen : Lowest price here is 4055, and you're offering 3700? Lol
Btv778 : @peridotgreen, hahaha I need 1k xrb so I can only give 3700 if any one want to sell just pm me
peridotgreen : DOGE to BTC is not moving either
peridotgreen : Anyone here have idea or source of ETH or CLOAK ? Faaucet like raiblocks, i want to earn ETH also
namakupongo : xrb up :D