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vol, BTC
CREDHOT: please check my ticket #2402 thanks
fxme21: UP UP
Zonola: w00t
Zonola: 1000 sat in sight
buihongquanpro: 4 hours pending withdrawl :(
ecindyvers: Hold your mrai 950
Brock: what will happen if i sell mrai at my own price? how long will get to transfer the exchange ammount in my mercatox btc wallet? i am noob plz help me
Brock: on limit order?
RudiHermawan: can I use PM usd to buy bitcoin on mercatox??
iwakq1: @RudiHermawan, use "e-currency market"
RudiHermawan: yes thanks @iwakq1 ????
muhammadfajri902: 22 jam withdraw pending. In merca succes. Tx 0conf ( pending ) ...
mursigrayborero: how to sell mrAi here
Jons: @mursigrayborero, use sell xrb. input price and amount nd then click sell
Christiano: Looks like xrb run is over. time to take profit now and buy back when lower.
richard.tran890: 1 MRAI = 1500 sat, 1 MRAI = 5000 sat when go on bittrex
gampang294: 1xrb = 1sat :)
richard.tran890: @gampang294, you wish buyer lol
richard.tran890: why is Mercato so SLOW with deposit and withdrawal and charge so much compare to other exchanges...when will the upgrade be complete??
jamesmarkx16: dump mrai come on
agungsugeng21: whale in the house
mursigrayborero: hi where i can see f my wallet is lock?
muhammadfajri902: Hello admin.. I,m withdraw in my wallet1AzVUsvfG888KgUSFiqDYTVU6hVbpbUFya 0conf ( pending ) .. I,m wait 30 hours not confirm .. I,m cek in tx 06144837a00b2d11705a0e77dea9322aee36f03315020a8abe843b0eb7ab4c3a not confrm .. Please help me admin..
littlelittle16: @muhammadfajri902, send a support ticket dont complain here
ecindyvers: Dont spam chat with your depo or wd problems !
phamminhtan9b.tthaiha: Admin check ticket #2404 pls
Khontol: Fee per byte 108.401 sat/B. too small for 0.0004 lol
muhammadfajri902: I,m done send ticket. Not reply ... Huh
Khontol: they should increase btc sending fee, at least 121 sat/B for faster confirmation time,
slalu.kalah: @muhammadfajri902, just wait sometimes it happen admin cant do anything its all about blockchain ( miner )
slalu.kalah: @Khontol, its not about fee bro its about miners in blockchain
slalu.kalah: learn more about blockchain guys dont just spam spam and spam it annoying
Uglygoat: @muhammadfajri902, Admin can't help you.Now 59000 unconfirmed transactions in blockchain.Just wait!!
Khontol: @slalu.kalah, the only way you can make the confirmation faster is by paying the fee higher, but don't pay too high.
muhammadfajri902: Oke.. I,m sory. Because before i,m wd very fast. Okey i,m just wait .. Huh
slalu.kalah: @Khontol, sometimes its not about fee bro its about time and miners read blog at blockchain maybe it can make you more know about blockchain
slalu.kalah: when a lot of miners active you can get 30minutes conf even your fee just 20k
slalu.kalah: merca do a good fee with 40K, in another exchanger like cryptopia its just 20K or
slalu.kalah: or 30k top
Khontol: @slalu.kalah, lol 20k fee, maybe 200sat/B
muhammadfajri902: Is there someone who is experiencing the same thing now
slalu.kalah: @Khontol, u can test it when unconf trx less than 6K
slalu.kalah: @muhammadfajri902, yes u and another 54K user
slalu.kalah: see at https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions
slalu.kalah: normal unconf transaction are 6k
Khontol: @slalu.kalah, mercatox fee and btc sending fee its different, btc sending fee calculate with xx sat/B, read again about sending fee
Khontol: https://bitcoinfees.21.co/
muhammadfajri902: 54k user just wait for pending in blockchain .. ?? Huuh
Uglygoat: @muhammadfajri902, Just now it's 57012
slalu.kalah: merca using all 40k for sending fee in blockchain bro when another just use 20k see your trx and u will see merca fee and blockchain fee is same 40K xxsat/b its just different 5 min
muhammadfajri902: Ask . what is unspent ?
slalu.kalah: @muhammadfajri902, your fee still not use by the miners
slalu.kalah: when miners use it your trx will be processed
Khontol: @slalu.kalah, https://blockchain.info/charts/avg-confirmation-time?timespan=30days even average time on this thay just 52 minutes/ transaction
Khontol: @slalu.kalah, 40k fee for 1btc vs 40k fee for 10btc its different
Khontol: *this day lol
slalu.kalah: @Khontol, of course its diff
slalu.kalah: when uncof trx less than 6k you will get conf in 30 min its just another busy day in blockchain 54k trx unconf
slalu.kalah: when use large fee its just make miners more fast too conf ur trx when ur Queue come large fee dosent make ur Queue up
slalu.kalah: sick when this chat full of nubitol that Scream about blockchain, when the trx has been in blockchain nothing anyone cant do except wait
slalu.kalah: i think admin must make articel in news about blockchain
Khontol: @slalu.kalah, lol read again about btc sending fee bro.
Khontol: just try to send with electrum wallet, 1btc with 40k fee and 2 btc with 40k fee which one faster? thats why you must look into sat/B not just seeing fees ammount.
slalu.kalah: when u send 2 btc with uncof trx less than 6K and when u send 1 btc now when 54k uncof trx with 40k fees i bet 2 btc will be faster when uncof trx just 6 K
Gladd@143: Guyz is anyone know y my selling request CAn not cancel ?
slalu.kalah: @Gladd@143, cant u press X at my orders tab ?
Gladd@143: I already did
slalu.kalah: Clear ur cookies
slalu.kalah: nd relogin again
Gladd@143: How .can u help me.?
slalu.kalah: press ctrl + h and then clear ur browsing data
Gladd@143: Ahm I just use tab
Gladd@143: Only
slalu.kalah: That is ?
slalu.kalah: U mean ?
Gladd@143: @salu.kalah tnx for ur help. I reload and its work
slalu.kalah: Ok
gea.nila28: Check my ticket #2389 pls
CREDHOT: Check my ticket #2402 please my deposit dont landing
kyhao15xh1: AD HELP ME.. wt btc pending34h :(((.. can you help me?? please..thank you
azaid18: mt withdrawal in btc still pending what happen is mercatox scam?
azaid18: my transaction id is 4966
azaid18: what happen to may btc.
agungsugeng21: @azaid18, i hope gone
azaid18: my wallet says waiting for confirmation on the blockchain
ccccca1995: 30h passed, admin
ccccca1995: I have not seen my btc yet
littlelittle16: there's a lot of pending transaction on the block, so be patient
littlelittle16: mercatox won't be able to do anything when the transaction is on the block
ccccca1995: I waited two days with too much loss
azaid18: i waited two days too but my btc still not come in my wallet
ccccca1995: There are many people like me ?
Dickypsatir: @admin, please proses my depo mrai
coganglen82: @admin, please Withdraw in process for me
coganglen82: Thanks admin
mmmzbappa01940: now price?
mmmzbappa01940: how to work raiblock? can you send a video clip work my facebook id 01940662344 BappaSulmanfershe
mmmzbappa01940: my mail mmmzbapp01940@gmail.com
azaid18: i thought i was already scammed because i did not received my ntc withdrawal here yet
coganglen82: please withdraw my User ID: #6350
saharnisyah124: admin please check my deposit thank you
saharnisyah124: admin please check my deposit xrb thank you
Mr.Stalker: already passed 24 hours ?
chikator: xrb deposit long now?
Mr.Stalker: random, yasterday my deposit credited to my wallet take 4 hours
CREDHOT: you 4 hours , me 23 hours dont accept this XRB error
Ferdz: me 48hours
Ferdz: still not insert into may wallet
Mr.Stalker: please contact support if deposit not credited in 24hours
ccccca1995: @Mr.Stalker, Contact support department?
Mr.Stalker: https://mercatox.com/tickets
nansafap: wtf this people,dont spam chat
ccccca1995: I see nothing has changed , :( , tks you
BTCFldGold: The bitcoin blocks are in trouble, waiting, it will be resolved, it's not Mrecatox's fault.
BTCFldGold: Currently BitCoin Blocks is taking longer then usual to be confirmed. Please do not complain about unconfirmed transactions, as it's not related to our services. BitCoin Block confirmation time is related to BitCoin network and it's miners. All unconfirmed transactions will be confirmed eventually. Visit website: https://chain.so/btc to observe the current situation of BitCoin network and how fast blocks are being confirmed.
Ferdz: i already contact.. but support did not replay
ilhamalwani1: power up
agungindragunawan27: ip ip ip ip ip
ecindyvers: @Ferdz, STFU NOOB !
Ferdz: sell Mrai !
majid8170: to Admin, WD BTC long time, over 2 hours
majid8170: please help me
ecindyvers: h3y dont spam about you vvd or d3po !!
ecindyvers: just vvait
nuvuljonez: @majid8170, just wait :)
muhammadfajri902: Blockchain problem ? 39 hours not confrim..
CREDHOT: My XRB deposit has not been signed until now give solution already 25 hours
ntmt21101994: please withdraw my User ID:6492
Mr.Stalker: please dont spam chat box with your transaction problem. if more than 24 hour send ticket to contact support, if less than 24 hours just wait
4r30n.tirt4: aggree
ecindyvers: dont complain in chat box ! moron
Mr.Stalker: this is chat box not complain box lmao
jguiraldo2015: how to sell xrb to btc?
muhammadfajri902: Admin please read my ticket #2396 .
Ferdz: UP XRB !
Mr.Stalker: up please :3
vr46: depo xrb pending again
rajinngetik250: i'm lanjar no pendng xrb,,but withdraw pending
mmmzbappa01940: xrb pending again
majid8170: wd Done, thax admin
Ahmad Irpan: where i sent support tickect
Ahmad Irpan: please help my wd still 0 confirmation from yesterday
Gladd@143: Hello
muhammadfajri902: @Ahmad Irpan, just wait. My wd still 0 confrm up to 37 hours.. Wait conf to blockchain..
Ahmad Irpan: thanks
Uglygoat: Sometimes,i am waiting 2-3 days.Just wait.
saharnisyah124: admin please check my wd btc thank you
saharnisyah124: Admin please help me to check wd my success but not yet signed in my wallet thanks
iwakq1: @Uglygoat, keep calm guys
Uglygoat: And if it possible translate(double) it to INDONESIAN and INDIAN languages.
menangtower: guys pump xrb at @870 its crazy pumper
menangtower: let's up
Beokama270290: mrai up 800 today
ladymild3: jj
buihongquanpro: 22h and btc on my wallet, be patience, just wait :)
Tata69: go pimp mrai dont make wall at sell order
Tata69: *pump
Tata69: dont sell under 950
cuongkhung010: sao tôi không thể chuyển BTC từ tài khoản mercatox này sang tài khoản mercatox khác vậy. ?? có ai giải thích giúp tôi không
cuongkhung010: Sao tôi không thể chuyển BTC từ tài khoản mercatox này sang tài khoản mercatox khác. ?? Have a help to help
cuongkhung010: Why can not I transfer BTC from one mercatox account to another? ?? Have a help to help
siungocno1: BTC up to $1,285 :3
buihongquanpro: @cuongkhung010, you can withdrawl and deposit :v
Tata69: bit grail was pump now mercatox pump dont sell under 950 bid price bitgrail 950
gosdorxda: @tata69 Can you create a web pool?
Tata69: @gosdorxda, i has make pool now migration server
ccccca1995: Last I have been received my btc of my :)
4r30n.tirt4: can anyone guide me how to make a pool?
dmarshalls: Hear and drink tea
softzzone: @4r30n.tirt4, i can make pool pm your offer
STTRY: selamat malam, apakah ada yang dari indo
Bitcoininvest4: Buy SBD UP
Bitcoininvest4: SBD TOP
Bitcoininvest4: Let's go buy SBD best want up so 0.80 BTC more.
ahmadsuwito56: In chat allowed only english
MRLong: every dep in mecatox never receice my xrb first
Slendy: please don't sell
MRLong: plz check my dep xrb
Zonola: OMG xrb is sky rocketting
Raselmia5209: stop
Uglygoat: 900 sat on Bitgrail
Zonola: J
mrrius: is admin here?
mrrius: please process my wd :)
MRLong: is admin here? plz process my dep xrb
fortyfivepounds: sup
Wulumuqi: how's XRB looking?
prashanta.barman2011: @Raselmia5209, what stop?
Bigtrail: Sell again please.. i need more Mrai before price going up to 1000
han88jaya: @STTRY, BANNED
Zonola: This thing is going sky high
Brock Lesnar: how many satoshi fee on limit order xrb to btc sell transaction?can any one help me?
b0y2k: wow 2-3 btc just vanished from buy.. :o
gotowerdown: @b0y2k, u want sell ?
buihongquanpro: catpcha harder ??? @@@
Silent Killer: sell here or bitgrail what is best ?
iwakq1: @Silent Killer, wait for for ohter web adding xrb :)
Bitcoininvest4: Buy SBD
IntelligentIdiot: @Silent Killer, do not trade at bitgrail it is a SCAM. very high fees 0.001 btc fee to withdraw. minimum 1,000 per transaction. they corner the traders there. if you buy or sell they will freeze the site and the orders will disappear. forcing you to sell low or buy high.
IntelligentIdiot: if only mercatox will lower the withdraw fee to 10k satoshi the competition will be killed
mrrius: @IntelligentIdiot, then the btc will never reach our wallet
IntelligentIdiot: @mrrius, wrong. Poloniex the biggest crypto exchange charges only 10k satoshi for btc withdraw and the btc will arrive within minutes. trading sites are taking advantage of the fees to swqueeze more money from users
IntelligentIdiot: bittrex only 20k satoshi
IntelligentIdiot: do your homework to protect yourself
mrrius: @IntelligentIdiot, i mean here.. even we paid for the 40k fees the tx still take a long time to reach our wallet
IntelligentIdiot: @mrrius, my guess is that sites charge higher fees 50k-100k satoshi but only really pay low fees possibly lower than 10k thats why its very slow
IntelligentIdiot: im suggesting to mercatox to lower the fees to standard 10k satoshi
IntelligentIdiot: so that the scumbag site bitgrail will be sent to the grave
IntelligentIdiot: i used to think that mercatox sucs
IntelligentIdiot: until i saw bitgrail lol
IntelligentIdiot: i now know that merca is honest. it just has to improve service and reduce fukin fees
Tata69: bitgrail has 10k sat fees 50k sat fees and 100k sat fees
Tata69: service fast deposit and withdraw
Tata69: I has try that and not freeze that all normal
Tata69: and now step by step big trader will go to there if mercatox want to compete with bitgrail must give best service so traderr can choose
IntelligentIdiot: all it takes for merca is to reduce fees to 10k or even 20k sat like bittrex and bitgrail will be bitgrave
Gladd@143: hello.can i ask here?
hendri05: pfft... Bitrex and poloniex get many benefits from sell and buy buy crypto,
Tata69: @hendri05, yes bittrex has many crypto so can take from that
Gladd@143: How much fee wethrawal of bitgrail site?
IntelligentIdiot: 100k satoshi
IntelligentIdiot: poor captcha farmers work all day only to be ripped off in fees
Gladd@143: Aah ok tnx
IntelligentIdiot: merca is honest but can improve by reducing fees
IntelligentIdiot: bitgrail is scumbag
IntelligentIdiot: nobody trades there only the site owners. they are friends with the devs so its all cornering of the market now
Gladd@143: It said no fee and instant wethraw and deposit until may 1
IntelligentIdiot: lol go try and deposit. try trading and you will see you are trading against the owner. you will never get a good price. if u trade, the site freezes and after u refresh the orders were gone and you are forced to sell low/ buy high fromthem
Tata69: you can see where buy wall here?
Wibi: how long wd btc?
Tata69: that move to bitgrail now
Tata69: deposit check every 5 minutes withdraw check every 10 minutes
Wibi: ok thanks
Gladd@143: Ohws
IntelligentIdiot: lol stop promoting your scumbag site here
IntelligentIdiot: everyone knows the bitgrave team are friends with the devs so theres corruption now
IntelligentIdiot: dont take my word for it guys. see for yourself if bitgrave is a safe and honest site lol
Gladd@143: I dont like bitgrail iether .i just saw their promotion n raiblocks
Tata69: I'm not promote I just make motivation for mercatox so if want compete with bitgrail must give best service
IntelligentIdiot: merca is good. just need to lower fees and improve site functionality and bitgrave will die naturally
buihongquanpro: recaptcha changed ?
ecindyvers: cant claim in this day :/ i dont know why my recaptcha erro -_-
buihongquanpro: i dont see draw recaptcha
ecindyvers: Select all images with mountains. Click verify once there are none left. :( how to fix this error recaptcha?
buihongquanpro: and recaptcha store front alway >=3 click
ecindyvers: yeah :(
buihongquanpro: >3 click
ecindyvers: someone pls help :(
buihongquanpro: @ecindyvers, do you like me :(
iwakq1: @ecindyvers, clear cookies
ecindyvers: @iwakq1, everytime i clear cookies :( no effct
buihongquanpro: anyone like me :3
ecindyvers: @buihongquanpro, are you from?
buihongquanpro: vietnam
buihongquanpro: @ecindyvers, do you feel like recaptcha change ?
ecindyvers: @buihongquanpro, nope just wait it will be normal soon
Wibi: My btc wd process is 4 hours.
ahmadsuwito56: Xrb will down! Sell now!
riyanvantlast: Dont sell this is up again at night
hieuvip1490: Please handle id # 6471
hieuvip1490: I waited more than three hours
nansafap: @hieuvip1490, u must wait 24 hours, then create a ticket
rajinngetik250: don't sell rate up to 900
keluargastg15: high 900 xrb
otaku99: how can i get a money?
Zonola: xrb up
Ahmad Irpan: admin please help i have contact but my payment still 0 confirmation from 04:22:18 25.04.2017
aizul.lukman: @admin please check my transaction. Transaction id 5344
-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-: xrb dont up again
finansi727: @rajinngetik250, don't sell rate up to 1500 )
-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-: @finansi727, no bro rate is not up
-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-: rate down start
-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-: guys good news
-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-: xrb rate is high in next 2 hours place your order in 1000sat/1xrb come on fast
-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-: so dont sell your xrb 800 .. 900 ... or 950 .. sell your xrb is 1000 sat come on fast place your orders
Giorgi: @-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-, don't spam pls
shadowfax.fly: down down xrb to 100
Sujon_Ali: why some body say withdraw pending for 24 hours or more? but today my btc withdraw have completed only for 40 minutes.
Sujon_Ali: thanks admin
nansafap: @-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-, dont spam,
Ahmad Irpan: admin what is this i no have receive payment https://blockchain.info/tx/ae1980b6b561f830e4cfd5a2feaa16d5c392598cd7a068cfd40d7478eebcaeef
riyanvantlast: My order complete sell rate 940 :)
Ikicha: @-~^^^^-~-~ multi exchanger -~~~~-, Banned this please
asadghori34: @Ikicha, ?
rihan ali: /
nansafap: @Ikicha, this is weird but i aggre with u
hieuleutinh1: 900 what
hieuleutinh1: @@
kyo200354: co 1 dong XRB ma cung ban, vl
denita: Maybe xrb tonight up to 1000 guys
anhtuanpro777: Up 900sts buy
anhtuanpro777: ai up 900 bán luôn nè :v
ahmadsuwito56: I think, xrb will up to1200
Unknown: Gogogogo
Unknown: Altcoin up all huhuhu
ahmadsuwito56: Go down, please !!!
ahmadsuwito56: Order buy 889
R W: Dump please :)
arthas87: ngarep dump please? wkwkwk
riyanvantlast: Xrb will last for 950 until the weekend
sutiknosumantri: don't in doll and don't at doll
sutiknosumantri: wkwkwkwk
ahmadsuwito56: Order buy 870
ahmadsuwito56: I'll wait you to sell on870.
hungle15995: It 'll go down fast
htteam96: con 10k ai hot khong
mpraveenkumarjobsforall: it will going up
akinikhlas: xrb up up
fxme21: Buy Buy Buy
dartkinselok: User ::cuongkhung010:: banned by admin in chatroom.
Zonola: Xrb to the moon
agungindragunawan27: no moon but in merca,,,
djb33: Hi just set up my account getting ready to bring coins here and start set up orders. What coind do you all trade?
buihongquanpro: how many captcha do you type in 1 minute ?
slalu.kalah: 25 using auto click + multi tab
buihongquanpro: @slalu.kalah, @slalu.kalah, how to auto click
slalu.kalah: Download
slalu.kalah: so verify with right click
slalu.kalah: using x7 mouse
buihongquanpro: name of app ?
slalu.kalah: autoclick
slalu.kalah: see youtube
buihongquanpro: link
slalu.kalah: i'm forgot
slalu.kalah: it already in my computer since 2016
slalu.kalah: just see youtube for the link
slalu.kalah: search for auto click
buihongquanpro: did you see recaptcha change yesterday ?
slalu.kalah: change ?
slalu.kalah: what
buihongquanpro: harder and waste time
slalu.kalah: nothing happen to me
slalu.kalah: what browser u use ?
buihongquanpro: chrome
slalu.kalah: try to sign in with gmail acc
slalu.kalah: sometimes u will get auto resolve recap
buihongquanpro: i type average 12 capcha in 1 min on 1 tab before yesterday
slalu.kalah: thats good i think
slalu.kalah: why dont use 2 tab
slalu.kalah: space is short key to reload if u get hard captcha
buihongquanpro: store front captcha always >3 click and draw recaptcha disappears
slalu.kalah: its ok if u just click 3, for dissapear captcha just skip it no one like that :D
buihongquanpro: i know but before yesterday it may be 3 click
slalu.kalah: nothing different to me since i be raiblock worker
slalu.kalah: i always get same captcha
slalu.kalah: did u log in to chrome when u solve captcha ?
buihongquanpro: yes i do it in web not app
slalu.kalah: i dont know bbro what happen to tou if u already log in :D
rihan ali: Pls up up up.. I have loss this rate
mpraveenkumarjobsforall: how to work in raiblock in 2browser that means multitab option if you know anyone
hendri05: multitab use pool >> raiblockscommunity.id
TheDarkRain: @mpraveenkumarjobsforall, use 2 different browsers
frankg: Vpn
frankg: Install remix os and use Vpn Is Android. Is Very Izy use 2 browser
TheDarkRain: i'm using 3 browsers
TheDarkRain: pc
Ikicha: Please dont talk about xrb here, respect others member, this exchanger not only trade XRB, PLEASE RESPECT OTHERS MEMBER
Slendy: @Ikicha, you're right
R W: Nice dump :)
ari.apria18: Sell xrb
iwakq1: sell xrb before down
ari.apria18: Buy back xrb at 600-500
ari.apria18: Sell instant xrb
quocviethoang1998: who tells me how to exchange mrai in raiblock to xrb
quocviethoang1998: I am beginner
jamesmarkx16: some guy just set buy orders for xrb in satoshi...is that even allowed?
esla.caloocan: GOOD MOrning @admin.pls confirm my withdrawal df0b6af5fc69dc9771ff06e1874a71d091665467a5f0f511c56217422e9a5ba2 its been 12 hrs since i withdraw it..thanks a lot..i need money today.thanks @admin
esla.caloocan: @admin is there any admin here today?
ahmadsuwito56: Sell your xrb now, before down to 800
ko0ll0ove: price will down if you keep selling them cheap. lol
riyanvantlast: Buy buy xrb will up 950 at night
softzzone: merca are u crazy sir. u processed 1btc with 0.5$ fee? why didn't add little more fee to make transaction faster?
jamesmarkx16: @softzzone, its processed atleast be happy. when its added to block, its bigger in size
jamesmarkx16: doge got sold at 60 on catox really lol
b0y2k: wow big dump
Tata69: @softzzone, maybe at next month will received :D
anhtuanpro777: buy 569mrai rate 909
ahmadsuwito56: I hope, mercatox can make achatroom for indonesian members only, because, i think many members from indonesian here, thanks
karguvelraja1: I got withdrawal on time.thanks alot admin
softzzone: @karguvelraja1, on time? they processed worth of 1 btc https://blockchain.info/tx/df0b6af5fc69dc9771ff06e1874a71d091665467a5f0f511c56217422e9a5ba2 with 0.5$ fee only. I don't know when this will confirm may few days?
rajinngetik250: @softzzone, WOW 1btc 0.0004 2 transaction :v
rajinngetik250: @softzzone, wat 1-2 day confirm
softzzone: @rajinngetik250, i don't mind if they charge 1.5$. Processing could take only less than 3 hours. bitgrails do the same that is why bitgrail transactions are faster.
nhutkhung1998: dont sell to lơ
ngothanhtuan0412: sellorder 901, buy order 900 =))))))))
adityarahmatullah9: selling 950 when it will gone :v
ngothanhtuan0412: buy buy, mrai up to 980 tonight
Silent Killer: what the....my withdraw btc do not confirm why????? 1 day alrady gone
nhutkhung1998: sell stupid
rajinngetik250: @softzzone,yes mee to,, Even $ 2 is not a problem
softzzone: @rajinngetik250, I think users will leave mercatox and move to bitgrail. because of too long btc transactions are terrible. Such a delay can effect the user very much. If btc rate drops from 1350$ to 1000$. I still don't get it. Why mercatox process transactions with such a low fee. They send multiple transactions if 2 users gets 500$. If they charge fee 2$ each. 4$ fee is enough to make transaction in 1 hour.
adityarahmatullah9: bitgrail price is low
nt97vn: who from VN ?
bryson11: halloo
nt97vn: one man.
bryson11: i have answer, can help me ?
nt97vn: i don't know. sorry
bryson11: I am deposite in my mrai wallet, but my saldo 0, why ? i deposite 200 mrai
bryson11: how much i wait ?
rajinngetik250: @adityarahmatullah9, yes right...
bryson11: @rajinngetik250, bro bantu gw dong, gw tadi depo mrai 200
bryson11: can help me
sundar.dar: can help me
sundar.dar: now i send 100 mari deposit
bryson11: I am deposite 200 mrai in here, but my saldo still 0
sundar.dar: not receive my mercato
bryson11: how long i wait ?
sundar.dar: just 3 min wait
sundar.dar: when received my account
nt97vn: wait 30p up to 1h
bryson11: i am wait 30 min but my saldo still 0
bryson11: why ?
nt97vn: calm down
bryson11: how long I wait this my saldo ?
nt97vn: Sometimes up to 24 hours
nt97vn: Come back tomorrow morning
bryson11: okay, thank you very much this info
nt97vn: oke.
esla.caloocan: @admin are you there?my withdrawal is 24hrs!still nothing in my btc wallet..what happen to you guys!!!!im very disappointed!!!!!!!
esla.caloocan: @admin can anyone pls answer me!!!
esla.caloocan: it says in my transfer it success!!but in my wallet still nothing!!!!!!
bryson11: @admin hello
esla.caloocan: @admin what a hell is happening with you
bryson11: @admin, hello
slalu.kalah: @esla.caloocan, its still in blockchain
slalu.kalah: there are 60K pend trx
slalu.kalah: its another busy days in blockchain normaly just ^k trx
slalu.kalah: 6K
esla.caloocan: @admin please answer us!
esla.caloocan: @admin pls explain whats happening
Silent Killer: my 12 doller withdarw still 0 confirmation,,,admin yu charge 50000 shatoshi every transjection,,,but why trasnjection not confimed?i think bitgrail withdarw system too much fast and confirm in 1 hour
caobaonhan: My transaction cant availible.? I have deposite 60p. Hash DE23F6F39CAD4A0C0247409BDA8D904A097F77221F99E9E3645E24BAE5F53937
esla.caloocan: @admin i think this will be a scam later on
esla.caloocan: all deposits are coming but withdrawal theyre not confirming
nt97vn: For security reasons withdrawal funds can take up to 24 hours until beta testing is finished
slalu.kalah: @esla.caloocan, comfirming not from merca its from blockchain are u stipid or somethng ??
esla.caloocan: sorry
esla.caloocan: but why is that blockchain is not confirming?
esla.caloocan: but y is blockchain not confirming
slalu.kalah: @esla.caloocan, ist a busy days in blockchain it dosent happend to you its happen to another 60k trx
slalu.kalah: see this https://blockchain.info/unconfirmed-transactions
slalu.kalah: normally its just 6K pending trx
nhutkhung1998: sell up
esla.caloocan: thanks sorry again
slalu.kalah: @esla.caloocan, Its ok i'm sorry too i just sick when somebody says too much and know to a little
hy: buy it
shadowfax.fly: xrb down to 100, i want to buy
KrulViper: after 1 day my withdraw still unconfirmed :3
karguvelraja1: U have ti cofirm the mail link
kyhao15xh1: admin help me... Wt btc pending 8h :((.. can you help me???... thank you ad... I do not want spam but I need btc right now..
rihan ali: hey. guys how are you
rihan ali: guys place your order is 950 and pls wait xrb rate is up within 2 hours
rihan ali: dont sell low rate pls place your order in high rates
shadowfax.fly: down down xrb, i want to buy 100
rajinngetik250: @shadowfax.fly, 100 OR 50 UP TO YOU
chikator: @rihan ali, conting satoshi to sell 100 mrai for 95k sat instead of 85k LOL
nhutkhung1998: Anyone trade merca coin
frankg: Admin Please check my retreat for three days 1Des48H8ZPj9Qogqr2pVkuVUGqVom5o5HP
nhutkhung1998: Please help me buy merca at rate 210k sts. I need btc. Thank you
nhutkhung1998: Dont sell to low
nhutkhung1998: Buy mrai rate 880. Who want to sell ^^
ecindyvers: mrai fauc3t 3rror?
ecindyvers: Sorry, the page you are looking for is currently unavailable. Please try again later. If you are the system administrator of this resource then you should check the error log for details. Faithfully yours, nginx.
nhutkhung1998: Please help me sell xrb rate 880. I nees it right now. Thank alot
slalu.kalah: @nhutkhung1998, how much ?
nhutkhung1998: @slalu.kalah i sell xrb rate 897sts 523 xrb
nhutkhung1998: Noone buy merca. It sad
Ferdz: up xrb up !