Trade fee - 0.25%
  • Instant withdrawals limits:
    • for unverified users - 0.5 BTC in equivalent per 24h
    • for verified users - 5 BTC in equivalent per 24h
FullnameWITHDRAWAL FEEMin DepositMin Withdraw
DAPSTOKEN (DAPS)100010002000
CrystalToken (CYL)101020
Neural Protocol (NRP)200002000050000
FoxBTC (FBTC)0.00112
Genki (GENKI)5000050000100000
Ether-1 (ETHO)0.0010.10.3
FiveBalance_Old (FBN_OLD)112
Litecoin One (LTCONE)112
Rapids (RPD)112
Zorff Token (ZRF)5000050000100000
MICROMINES (MICRO)5000050000100000
DelightToken (DLTT)5000050000100000
QUINADS (QUIN)5000050000100000
FidexToken (FEX)5000050000100000
BLACK DIA COIN (BDA)5000050000100000
GEND Token (GEND)5000050000100000
KitToken (KIT)5000050000100000
Poly Analytix (PLA)5000050000100000
SCALE (SCALE)5005001000
GLOBEX (GEX)100001000020000
RTN (RTN)112
BitcoinBrand (BTCB)5000050000100000
Zest Token (ZEST)2510
Free Coin (FREE)5000050000100000
Ninsa B Token (NBT)5000050000100000
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