Trade fee - 0.25%
  • Instant withdrawals limits:
    • for unverified users - 0.5 BTC in equivalent per 24h
    • for verified users - 5 BTC in equivalent per 24h
FullnameWITHDRAWAL FEEMin DepositMin Withdraw
BitcoinPublic (BTP)150000015000003000000
Decentralized Asset Trading Platform (DATP)150000001500000030000000
IBTC (IBTC)100000100000200000
Helper Search Token (HSNT)350003500070000
CRUISEBIT (CRBT)175001750035000
Vestoria (VSTR)150000015000003000000
Posscoin (POSS)100010002000
Penchant Token (PENT)100010002000
BOSTOKEN (BOS)150000015000003000000
RealTract (RET)150000015000003000000
Archetypal Network (ACTP)200000002000000040000000
Banano (BAN)1011000
Cryptrust (CTRT)5000000500000010000000
Globfone Coin (GFC)112
CryptoSoul (SOUL)4500050000100000
OCTCOIN (OCTC)150000150000300000
TRONCLASSIC (TRXC)300000000300000000600000000
Clap Clap Token (CCT)150000015000003000000
MAR (MAR)5500055000110000
Global Rental Token (GRT)350003500070000
PYRO Network (PYRO)7500007500001500000
Blockburn (BURN)7500007500001500000
BitcoinSoV (BSOV)400040008000
Winsor token (WST)150000015000003000000
Alpha Token (A)8000800016000
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