Trade fee - 0.25%
  • Instant withdrawals limits:
    • for unverified users - 0.5 BTC in equivalent per 24h
    • for verified users - 5 BTC in equivalent per 24h
FullnameWITHDRAWAL FEEMin DepositMin Withdraw
Zenswap Network Token (ZNT)150000015000003000000
OEN (OEN)150000015000003000000
EZOOW (EZW)150000015000003000000
Crypthealth (CRPHT)150000015000003000000
MoneyToken (IMT)300000300000600000
FiveBalance_Old (FBN_OLD)112
Litecoin One (LTCONE)112
TRONCLASSIC (TRXC)7000000700000014000000
Decentralized Asset Trading Platform (DATP)150000015000003000000
BitcoinPublic (BTP)150000015000003000000
Helper Search Token (HSNT)350003500070000
IBTC (IBTC)200000200000400000
nDEX (NDX)5000050000100000
Streamity (STM)150015003000
REPME (RPM)100010002000
AsaCoin (ASA)150000015000003000000
DAPSTOKEN (DAPS)5000050000100000
CrystalToken (CYL)5000500010000
Neural Protocol (NRP)150000015000003000000
FoxBTC (FBTC)0.00112
Genki (GENKI)150000015000003000000
Ether-1 (ETHO)0.0010.10.3
Zest Token (ZEST)150001500030000
Winsor token (WST)150000015000003000000
New Year Bull (NYB)200020004000
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